About Us

Netram eye foundation is a society registered under the Societies Act 1860 since 2013. Four years might sound meager to the masses, but in this small time Netram eye foundation boasts more than 150 medical camps, most of them organized with prestigious organizations viz Lupin, IGL, Indian Oil, Virgo, Delhi Police, NPCB etc over 10,000 patients screened for free, and we are the authorized NGO by Delhi Govt for screening camps in slums, blind homes and govt schools.

Working selflessly, righteously, dedicated & committed to unburden the sufferings of mankind, irrespective of the social and financial status is the essence of Netram Eye Foundation.

With dreams in her eyes and fire in her soul Dr Anchal Gupta, a young energetic ophthalmologist had laid the foundation of Netram, when she soon realized the corporate jobs don’t befit her idea of medicine and her quality medical education from country’s top notch institutes should not be limited to the ones with hefty pockets.

Netram Eye Foundation runs a state of art eye center with fully equipped amenities for any eye related disease. To serve masses, Netram has established six peripheral centers where free opds are held and patients are shifted to base hospital for any surgical intervention.

Netram conducts free opd at main centre twice a week.


Our vision is to become Pioneers in Quality and Ethical eye care.We at Netram Eye Foundation envisage “Sight to All”. In an era of enthusiastically developing technology, India is still burdened with preventable blindness in huge magnitude. We by our miniscule efforts would contribute to treating curable blindness to the maximum possible extent. Our work philosophy is “Compassion is as important as Prescription”.We dream to build a setup catering best treatment to all strata of society for those who can pay, pay less or not pay at all.All eyes should smile.


Reach the unreachable. By establishing as many peripheral centers, we intend to spread our philosophy of quality and ethical eye care to everyone. Preventing school children refractive blindness is our major drive. At Netram Eye Foundation, we are making best use of technology, enterprise and local network to provide eye care and awareness to as many people possible.

Dr Anchal Gupta, a young ophthalmologist, hailing from a small town, with big dreams in her eyes, is incessantly working on achieving solutions to tackle preventable blindness. She has founded Netram Eye Foundation with the same vision and is successfully working towards attaining her goal at the largest possible level. The world is her canvas and her hard work is the brush determined to bring good sight to all. She dreams to be identified as “The woman who brought ROSHNI to all”.

Dr Anchal Gupta, MBBS MS Ophthalmology, is a young Ophthalmologist with a zeal for social work. She has done her Masters in Ophthalmology from the prestigious King George Medical University, Lucknow with academic accolades. Driven by her passion to cure reversible blindness, she did her fellowship in Cornea from Venu Eye institute & Research Centre , Delhi. During her Fellowship, Dr Anchal conducted many awareness campaigns for upbringing the social message for eye donation. Dr Anchal has also done her registrarship from the renowned Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi, with particular expertise in the field of Cornea and medical Retina.
Adjunct to brilliant academic record and excellent organisational skills, Dr Anchal is an imminent and articulate surgeon with God blessed skills in both speed and accuracy as a surgeon.
She founded NETRAM EYE FOUNDATION to continue with her flair for charity work and social service & has established a state of the art Ophthalmology Centre.



Governing Body

Mr Sandip Seghal


Mr Deepak Singh

Vice President

Dr Anchal Gupta

General Secretory 


Mr Sattan Sharma


Abhinabh Raghubanshi


Mr Abhishek Mishra

Executive Member