Netram Eye Foundation begins Adopt an Eye drive, which is very different from any existing charitable eye hospital service for cataract surgery.

‘If we don’t change the world, who will?
If not now, then when!

As a convention several organizations including govt are providing fund for cataract surgery for poor and un affording, but the budget provided for these cataract surgeries is used to do manual cataract surgery, which involves the twenty year old method for cataract surgery where blades and suture are used and non foldable lens is provided. 

Since these poor patients cant maintain a basic hygiene and the incidence of infection after manual cataract surgery is very high, therefore lot of episodes of bulk infection and vision loss are reported in such camp cases.

Netram Eye Foundation principally differs from any of these organizations, as our core vision is “Equal sight to all”, whether they can pay, pay less or not pay at all. 

Since its inception in 2011, at Netram, even the free surgeries are done by phaco emulsification technique, with foldable intraocular implant and NO NEEDLE anesthesia.  

“Adopt An Eye” drive by Netran syncs with our core philosophy that poor and needy should get a phaco surgery for cataract removal and be done by a trained surgeon. We motivate people to donate an amount equivalent to having a dinner of two. The details of the beneficiary patient are provided to the donor.

NETRAM EYE FOUNDATION (आँखे आपकी ज़िमेदारी हमारी )

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